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Shadow Box Frame

Shadow box Frame

With Single and Double mat on top and background mat

A shadow box frame is an excellent way to protect and display your valuable memorabilia such as medals, plaques, 3D objects and other sentimental items. You have a choice of a single or double mat design along with a Backing mat board in various colours and materials such as normal acid free and ultimate suede. An internal spacer is used to separate the glazing and Backing mat in order to create the ‘shadow’ effect. For the clear glazing you can choose from the standard option, UV protected which protects your frame against sunlight or Perspex which has low breakage. Choose from our 3001, 3011 and 3002 ranges to find the perfect frame for your shadow box. Extra window cut outs are available as you desire.

Read our how to order guide on the blog to learn more about ordering process.

3 Easy steps to ordering a shadow box frame

Select Frame > Select Size > Select Mat Color

How to Order

  • All frames come with 2mm clear perspex and 5mm foamboard backing

Code: MAF-3001-10

Code: MAF-3001-11

Code: MAF-3001-13

Code: MAF-3001-14

Code: MAF-3001-16

Code: MAF-3001-17

Code: MAF-3001-18

Code: MAF-3001-19

Code: MAF-3001-2

Code: MAF-3001-20

Code: MAF-3001-21

Code: MAF-3001-5

Code: MAF-3001-6

Code: MAF-3001-8

Code: MAF-3001-9

Code: MAF-3011-2

Code: MAF-3011-3

Code: MAF-3022-10

Code: MAF-3022-2

Code: MAF-3022-3

Code: MAF-3022-4

Code: MAF-3022-7

Code: MAF-3022-9

Select Number of Mats
none 1 2 3
Select Mat
  • This is the window size only, finished mat size will be increased after adding mats
  • Select Number of Mats
    2 3