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Frameless Clip

Clip Frames

Simple & Modern

Light Weighted | No breakage | Economic

A clip frame is the least expensive way to hang your poster and/or artwork. The frame-less display gives a modern look for the images. We provide best snap frames, across Australia. It comes with several steel clips to hold the two parts symmetrically.

You can easily change the content inside the clip frame by simply unclipping the clips. Because of its frame-less display, it is easy to place anywhere, and has no danger of breakage. It would be the best choice for a poster in your interior and/or advertising material in your office. You can give a dynamic look to your wall by refreshing the poster or picture inside it from time to time.

We use a 2mm clear Perspex on the front with a 3mm smooth MDF Backing with the European made stainless clips to hold the 2 pieces together. You can either hang it in portrait or landscape using our stamped hanger on the back.

We use acrylic Perspex instead of glass, so it is absolutely safe and there is no breakage.

For Your Custom Need

You can select the standard size from the drop-down or enter the custom size in accordance with your picture or artwork. The default glazing option is clear Perspex. If you want to upload your photo or artwork, and to have it framed with a clip frame, then simply jump to our custom upload page, otherwise in case of just wanting the Perspex frame you can order it within no time.