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Acrylic Photo Blocks & mounts

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Acrylic Desktop Block

Acrylic desktop blocks are ideal for presenting your picture memories at your home and office. Your image is printed on a high gloss photo paper then face mounted onto 20mm or 30mm thick clear acrylic using optically clear adhesive.

The thick acrylic with diamond polished edges will give the image a floating 3D effect especially when you view it from the sides or top edge.

Such a stunning piece looks beautiful in your home or office, and makes a wonderful gift for your friends, family or business partners. Acrylic Desk Mounts are available in range of size and custom formats to ensure you’re getting the right one for your decor needs.

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Acrylic Permanent Block

Showcase your image in a contemporary and stylish way using a permanent block. Your image is printed on high glossy photo paper, then face mounted with optically clear adhesive on a 6mm clear acrylic. It is then professionally sealed on a 3mm alu-panel ensuring there are no air bubbles or dust, creating a stunning 3D floating effect.

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Acrylic Photo Block

Capture your best moments and put them into one piece of artwork! With our acrylic photo block, you can select one or even several photos and images to be arranged in the same display to give it a neat and stunning look. The images are printed on high gloss photo paper and are permanently mounted behind a 6mm clear acrylic which is then fixed onto another 4.5mm acrylic board as the baking in a colour of your choice! It is mounted on the wall using anodized silver standoff corners to give that unique 3D look.

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Acrylic Sandwich Mount

Give your wall a modern touch through our acrylic sandwich mount! We print your images onto high gloss paper then sandwich it in between 2 acrylic sheets which are held together using anodised silver standoffs to give a spectacular raised effect from the wall. Our sandwich mounts are simple and straight forward, meaning you can switch the content in a matter of minutes! Our sandwich mounts are the perfect way to preserve and display your photos, certificates, artworks and much more!

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