Tips for the Best Canvas Prints

Who doesn't want to display their own favourite photo on the wall? We usually fulfil this desire with a framed photograph.

With the invention of digital photography, now we can capture nearly every moment and it’s not too difficult to transform them into a magnificent piece of art. The advent of giclee print enables high quality art prints.. Now we can reproduce a copy of the original artwork without ruining the original. For canvas prints you've got two options; either have stretched or gallery wrapped.

Photo On Canvas

What is photo on canvas

Unlike canvas art prints, on Photo on Canvas, the actual photos are printed on canvas. Before featuring the photo on canvas, various effects and transitions can be given to the original photo so that it looks more beautiful when printed. Now almost all picture framers have started offering photo on canvas services online as well. You can simply upload your photo, choose you style and design that you prefer and even give custom instructions if necessary. Old photos can be touched up by us before being printed on canvas too,

Tips for the buyer

Ensure the materials and method

Transferring digital photos to canvas may seem easy but in reality if the company where you order canvas prints use inferior canvas and a poor printing method, you might get disappointed with the final print. Luckily this won’t be the case at Modern Art Framing!

Poorly constructed stretchers mean that the canvas might shift on the frame, distorting your image. Keep in mind that cheap and low quality ink may ruin the texture of the photo.

Quality of Canvas

A low quality canvas may not hold the ink properly and may fade over time so don’t forget to recheck the quality of canvas. Some of companies also provide quality assurance so you might want to check out the quality before ordering.

So don’t be too hasty before getting your digital photo on canvas, take the time to ensure the quality of materials used (i.e canvas, ink, stretchers) so that that you get the perfect photo on canvas.