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Different Types of Photo Frames Available

Photo frames can be added to your photo to protect and give them a timeless look. The different types of photo frames are made for varying needs so it’s best to take your time to make a wise selection when choosing a photo frame. At Modern Art Framing, we offer five different types of photo frames. Each frame has unique features and has individual characteristics.


Which Photo Frame to Choose


Your treasured moments never leave you but sometimes you need a few reminders to think back to those great times. They may not always be captured on camera but when they are it's important that they are preserved and displayed as they deserve to be. In this blog we’ll show you the best ways to do this by using our range of fantastic photo frames.

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Modern Art Framing Now Offers Custom Photo Framing Online

Now Upload Your Custom Photos For Framing and Transform Your Memories into Art

We are very proud to give our customers the opportunity to take matters in their own hands by uploading their desired images.

We believe that there is a process to follow when it comes to DIY matters. Below are just a few top tips when you want to create a spectacular piece for your interior: