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Ordering a Certificate Frame

A certificate frame is the ideal choice for displaying the certificates and awards. We all have something to showcase that can demonstrate our contributions and achievements.

Modern Art Framing provides a range of certificate frames and mats to suit your needs. Ordering a certificate frame with us is simple, however we want to provide you with in-depth instructions so that you will get perfect frames and mats from the first go. Follow the process to order a certificate frame with us.


Five Ideas To Display Your Family Photographs

Many of us have photo albums consisting of our favourite family Polaroids and often we are stuck with the dilemma of choosing ones to display on our wall. After that there is the question of how to show them off as you want to ensure they look as great as possible in your home. In this blog we’ll provide you with some inspiration to display your family photos.


Decorate Your Wall With Your Own Memories

Looking around for a unique idea that would be both new, simple and perfect to adorn your wall? Your own photographs can fill the void. Putting your own treasured moments on your wall is really an easy and flawless way of improving your home decor. Your wall should resemble what you love and inspire you daily. Although hanging abstract arton your wall may look great, it is not always as ideal as it sounds especially when you've only limited budget. In that case the best choice is to choose photos from your own collection and feature it on your wall.


Ordering Mats

A mat is an integral part of framing so we have a wide range of mats to choose from. The main purpose of a mat is that it adds an extra layer and visual relief to the prints. Furthermore, it serves as a spacer between the glass and art to ensure the glass doesn’t distort or negatively affect the framed artwork or image.

Modern Art Framing offers single as well as multi window mats. However in this post we’re going to simplify the ordering process of a single window mat, by informing how to order single window mat from our frame range.


Different Glass Choices for Photo Framing

Framing a photograph is one of the best things you can to decorate and protect it from the elements. This includes choosing the right type of glass which is equally important as choosing your favourite frame and mat. We’ve described the main features of each type of glass in this post so you can make an informed edition next time you choose get something framed.


How To Order Photo Frames

Although our online framing solution is very easy to use, still we think that providing some extra instructions can help you order a perfect frame that matches your need.


Tips for the Best Canvas Prints

Who doesn't want to display their own favourite photo on the wall? We usually fulfil this desire with a framed photograph.

With the invention of digital photography, now we can capture nearly every moment and it’s not too difficult to transform them into a magnificent piece of art.