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How to Order a Signature Mat, a Step By Step Guide

Signature mats are a great way to cherish your memories. They be used for special events like weddings, family reunions, grand opening ceremonies, anniversary parties, birthday parties and many more.


How to a Order Shadow Box Frame, a Step by Step Guide

A shadow box frame is the perfect choice for displaying valuable items such as medals, sculptures, plaques, 3-D objects, paper notes and other sentimental items. Follow these instructions to order a shadow box frame from our range.


Great Gift Ideas from Modern Art Framing

Whether it’s a framed photograph, collage or a photo to art, we offer a range of great gift ideas for someone special. However, the best gifts are personalised to the recipient. The present should be more than something that is easily available on market and with our online store you’ll have no trouble customising a gift that is both affordable and high quality.


7 Oil Painting Decor Ideas

Your interior could always use some spicing up. This could mean adding some of your best memories in the form of framed photographs art to your rooms. When on the topic of home decor, we can’t overlook oil paintings as they been the most popular form of decoration since the beginning. When we admire oil paintings on the wall, we’re often drawn to splash of colours they add and the increased vibrancy that is brought to the room. The classy look oil paintings provide can transform any wall.


How to do Custom Framing with Modern Art Framing

You might have photographs which don't fit in ready-made frames and after tirelessly searching one you may end up being frustrated. In such a situation our humble suggestion would be to use a custom frame.

It’s more than vital to put your photographs in frames to protect and showcase them but the problem with available frames is that they might not match your custom need. In such a case the solution is either custom frames or custom framing.

You might want to learn more about photo frames and custom framing to determine which option is right for you.


Creating a Wonderful Wall Display

Special moments throughout our life remain with us forever. Thinking about them all over again can make you feel nostalgic and happy inside. Display these memories on a wall, so that every time you want to recall them they will be right in front of you. Collecting those snaps and featuring them on a photo frame wall collage display can renovate your interior and lift your mood.


Decorating Your Interior With Black and White Photographs

Interior design can be a life-long process as the quest for perfection continues on. However, black and white photos can make any interior look good with minimum effort. You just need to know a few handy tips and tricks which this article will cover and by the taking some of them on board you may just end up with that perfect interior you’ve always wanted.