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Metal Frames, A Smart Choice

For years metal frames have been thought of as being exclusively used for posters. They are of course a very valid use and we have many posters available on our website to be framed. However, in the last few years various new styles and colours have made them a fantastic frame for other purposes too such as for photos, displays and artworks. There’s a massive range available at Modern Art Framing and we’ll discuss the options here so you can make a choice between them.


5 Photo Framing and Art Ideas for Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s nature’s time to shine. Take a walk outside and you’ll see flowers in full bloom, trees with plenty of foliage, birds and animals around and (mostly) perfect weather. The stage is set for great photographs to be taken or artworks to be created and you should make the most of it. In this blog we’ll talk about the best frames and colour combinations for Spring and show off some of the brilliant Spring-themed artwork in Modern Art Framing’s range.


Ordering Art with Modern Art Framing

At Modern Art Framing we have a wide range of art works for you to order. You can choose from:

  • Oil Paintings on Modern Art Framing
  • Art Prints and Posters on Modern Art Framing
  • Premium Art Prints on Art Print on Demand

All of these options have a wide range of posters and art that will appeal to you, whatever your taste. In this blog we’ll explain the differences between all of them to make it easier for you to decide what you want. By the end of it you should have a clear idea and be an expert on Oil Paintings, Art Prints and Premium Art Prints!


4 Ways to Present your Oil Painting

An oil painting is a fantastic work of art for any room and will fit any décor. They are often the centrepiece of the room and can dictate what is placed around it. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your painting is appropriately furnished for maximum impact. In this blog we’ll discuss a few ways to present your paintings and you’ll be able to decide which is right for you.


Black and White Frames: More to them than you think

Black and White (B&W) Frames may seem like the simple and safe choice for a framing job but there are a lot more to them that you might not have imagined. They will look great in any modern interior and are fit for the minimalist in you. Of course they can be used as an easy option to frame most photos but in this article we’ll explore some of the reasons why you should give B&W a second look even if you want a framing job that is bit more adventurous.


The Magic of Clip Frames

Clip frames are an easy, elegant and cost-efficient way to hang posters and artwork. The efficient back mounting system makes it an efficient and clean solution compared to snap frames. Without the distraction of a visible frame, your photos will have a modern and sleek look that will fit any home décor. Here at Modern Art Framing we provide the best clip frames in Australia with a high quality, light-weight build and look that perfectly complements any photo or artwork. Although we offer a range of traditional and more expensive frames, the unique design and affordable cost of a clip frame sets it apart and is a great choice for most art and photo applications.


7 Great Jersey Framing Options

If you have a sporting jersey that means something special to you, be it from your favourite footy team or your own local club – we have a range of frames for you to preserve them. Imagine your jersey has been signed by a famous player but you have no idea how to show it off. Just send it to Modern Art Framing and we’ll make sure it’s immaculately presented for you and your family and friend to admire. In this article we’ll touch on some of the styles and options you have when getting jersey framing job done.