5 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Looking to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day? We can help with that. You’re sure to find something that both you and your mother with love. Make the day truly special with Modern Art Framing. Here are some handy gift ideas to help you out.

Ready-made photo frame:

There’s always one photo or two that you’ve wanted to get framed but never got around to doing it. Surprise your mother by framing a photo that she absolutely loves. If your grandmother has an old photo that she cherishes, you can bring it in for us to scan in digitally. We’ll even edit and do our best to restore it to the condition it was in all those years ago!


Buy her a personalised acrylic desktop mount so she can see pictures of you and her on her bedside table, at work or in any convenient location. The 3D effect of acrylic will make it more unique and memorable than a traditional bed-side frame. Acrylic is also far more durable against drops than glass, making it a practical choice.

Ready-made photo:

If you don’t have a photo you’d like to have framed then don’t fret. We’ve got a range of vibrant, beautiful and interesting framed photos to purchase for a variety of interests. While it won’t be as personal as your own photo, you could really brighten her mood with a stunning, professionally photographed piece.

Oil Painting:

For a more extravagant gift, consider an Oil Painting. Choose any of our wonderful pieces for your mother and she’ll be chuffed. Categories include Abstract, Animal, Buddhist, Ethnic, Figurine, Floral, Impressionist, Landscape, Seascape, and Tree. All Oil Paintings are Australian made and painted on the best quality canvas.

Name Mat:

Nothing can explicitly express how you really feel better than words. Order a name mat with a personalised message to your mother. Choose the mat colour and material (standard or suede) and you’ll have a present that she’ll truly cherish.

With these ideas you are now well equipped to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day. Remember though, appreciating your mother is not restricted to just one day of the year!