Common causes of frame damage and how to avoid them

When you have just purchased a frame from Modern Art Framing, the very last thing you want to do is damage it or the photo/artwork inside. This won’t happen if you follow a few simple tips that we will discuss in this blog. Read on to find out the key causes of frame damage and how to avoid them affecting your frame.

Issues with framing

At Modern Art Framing we only use the highest quality materials and supplies to frame your photos and art and take due care in the process. This means threats of acid and lignin that come about from poor quality adhesives which aren’t photo-safe as well as improper framing techniques are unlikely to occur. However, if you do notice discolouration such as a yellow tinge on the mat or artwork, consult a professional to get it fixed. Furthermore, poorly assembled frames can let dirt and insects inside, once again this shouldn’t occur with our service but remember to regularly check to address it before the problem worsens.

The environment

The environment your frame is located in plays a large role in how well the condition your frame remains in. A room with clean air is crucial to keeping the frame looking pristine. Pollutants can be very harmful to your frame and especially the artwork or photo inside by causing fading, discolouration and deterioration. If you have freshly painted a room, do not immediately restore the frame but wait a few weeks until the fumes have subsided. It is important to be very careful when using cleaning solutions around the frame as well as air sprays since they could easily cause damage in some instances.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight as well as heat can adversely affect a frame too. The UV rays from the sun can fade photos and age them heavily. We offer glass and acrylic glazing with UV protection that should prevent this issue as much as possible but it is still a good idea to not place picture frames near a window or somewhere so it is directly exposed to the sun. The lights in a room can make it far too hot for a frame and its subject especially if they are directly lighting it. Be sure to give it some distance and adjust the luminosity so it is not so harsh.

Any damp spot is definitely a place to avoid placing your photo frame due to issues with moisture and humidity! Although we all like to decorate our bathrooms and give them some character, it really is not good idea to place framed photos or art anywhere near water-prone places like sinks or showers. If it has to be somewhat near one, ensure that it is elevated an appropriate distance above the water. If your frame’s back is sealed, the moisture will not be able to get out once it is inside, so prevention is really the key here. Our frames may however, have ‘breathing’ spots to ensure that the damage is limited. Moisture in the air can also cause humid conditions. This can cause the picture or artwork to stick to glass of the frame and cause condensation. So avoid humid conditions as much as possible.

Image credit: DIY inspired

Negligence with maintenance

There are two easy ways to avoid damaging frames which are due to maintenance. Firstly, avoid stacking your frames on top of each other when transporting them. Cracks and scratches can easily form otherwise. Secondly, remember to remove the picture/photo out of the frame if possible when you are cleaning the glass with a spray cleaner. Otherwise, water marks will form on the pictures and ruin them forever.

With these tips you should be able to keep your frames in the condition they ought to be. If you do happen to damage them, always see a professional to avoid causing more damage.