Picture Framing Supplies at Modern Art Framing

At Modern Art Framing, we offer a great range of high quality framing supplies and accessories that complement our framing and art print services. We stock various hooks and picture hangers, tapes, cutters and more so that you can get exactly what’s necessary for your wall art.

Hooks and Picture Hangers

We offer a variety of hooks to hang your photos and artworks. These include angel drive picture hooks , brass plated hangers and light duty solid wall hooks . We also offer utility hooks which allow you to hang more than just pictures and photos.

Photo Mount Spray

Although we are more than happy to mount your photos if you choose to frame photos with us, if you’re the DIY type of person we also offer photo mount sprays . These products by 3M are ideal for the permanent bonding of materials such as paper and cardboard. These are very high quality and will ensure the photos definitely stay bonded.


If you have a freshly framed photo from us you’ll want to ensure it remains in tip top condition for as long as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is by regularly cleaning the glass. We offer a 500g glass cleaner just for this purpose as well as a Scotch Brite cleaning cloth to rub around the solution. This cloth can also be used to polish other surfaces such as your metal or wooden frame too (just remember not to use the solution on it).


We offer a variety of tape that caters for a range of needs. There is standard brown tape that is used for frame backing and is available in either 36mm or 48mm varieties. We also offer double sided adhesive tape that is handy for paper stocks and artworks. It can be used to join mat boards together to create a unique look for your framed photos. If you need tape for your fabrics and jerseys then we also offer a precision double sided cloth hinging tape . Double sided masking tape for photos or paper is also offered by us if you require it.


For easy cutting of cardboard, paper and other materials we offer a Diplomat large snap-cutter . It features an 18mm snap blade and lock feature. It is ideal for heavy duty applications where a normal scissor or knife won’t cut it.


3mm foamboards can also be purchased on our store and are available in black or white. They can either be reposition adhesive foamboards which are used for mounting photos, posters, artworks and thin fabrics or acid free foamboards which are used for frame backings. Each variety is available in either white or black.

With this superb range of framing supplies and accessories you will easily be able to maintain, hang and even create artworks and photographs. You can be assured that all products are of a high standard and will undoubtedly help you achieve your photo and picture framing goals!