Metal Frames, A Smart Choice

For years metal frames have been thought of as being exclusively used for posters. They are of course a very valid use and we have many posters available on our website to be framed. However, in the last few years various new styles and colours have made them a fantastic frame for other purposes too such as for photos, displays and artworks. There’s a massive range available at Modern Art Framing and we’ll discuss the options here so you can make a choice between them.


We all know of gold, silver and bronze being the standard metal frame colours but did you know we have a variety of new colours available across the spectrum? Red, blue, green, orange, you name it and we’re very likely to have it. If you use any of these frames, you’re sure to make your artwork stand out from the crowd. Various ornamental finishes are available such as anodised, enamel, brushed, satin and lacquer which can be applied to any colour of your choosing. Mix and match to find the best choice for you. A brushed look will give you a bit of texture for each frame, adding another dimension to the look of your photo/artwork. An anodised or satin look will be more restrained than enamel or lacquer but each will look fantastic depending on the artwork they surround. Metal frames may also be aged for an older, more traditional looking style or they can be kept brand new and polished for a modern look.

Another great benefit of metal frames is their versatility. As mentioned they can not only be used for posters these days but all sorts of photos and artwork. They’re also extremely durable and if given an anodised finish they will also be scratch resistant. Anodising refers to adding a protective oxide layer using an electrolytic process which allows the metal to form an anode and be resistant to typical causes of scratches that other materials may not survive. Metal, aluminium frames are also perfect for carrying around and moving from place to place should you want to switch up your room décor. This is because they are light-weight without comprising their strength.


Further showing off the value of metal frames are its resistance to humidity and moisture unlike other materials such as wood. Warping and twisting that can be common to frames made of other materials will not be an issue. This is especially beneficial in Australia during the summer where temperatures can get quite high. Sometimes frames can get dirty too but they can easily be cleaned off from a metal frame as well as stains, whereas they may stay there forever on other materials. A bit of polish will make them look as good as new.

So instead of going for the safe option, consider a metal frame for your next purchase. It will definitely be worth it for all the benefits it has over typical frames and you’ll have something a bit different in your home.