Different Types of Photo Frames Available

Photo frames can be added to your photo to protect and give them a timeless look. The different types of photo frames are made for varying needs so it’s best to take your time to make a wise selection when choosing a photo frame. At Modern Art Framing, we offer five different types of photo frames. Each frame has unique features and has individual characteristics.

The broad Category includes

photo frames

  • Custom Frames
  • Clip Frames
  • Aluminium Frames
  • Shadow box frames
  • Budget frames

Custom Frame

Custom frames are truly designed for your individual need, perfect for when there no ready-made frame available for your specifications. In this category you can choose your own design, size and material, so that you can find the perfect frame to suit your photo.

Clip Frame

A clip frame is a perfect solution for hanging your photos on the wall. Whether it’s a large poster or a photograph, a clip frame will like be the least expensive solution for your framing need. On this type of frame, a 2mm clear Perspex on the front with a 3mm smooth MDF backing with European made stainless clips is used to hold the 2 pieces together. A clip frame ensures safety by using acrylic Perspex instead of glass.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium is a silvery, white, light metal, which is light in colour and strong in performance . Aluminium frames are now becoming the preferred choice of many corporate as well as individual users. It gives a simple but neat texture and ensures that the photo is being perfectly showcased on the wall.

Aluminium frames

Shadow Box Frames

Shadow box is generally popular for displaying valuable memories like your medals, plaques, 3-D Objects, paper notes as well as custom quotes. There can be two types of mat, either a single or double as well as a background mat board to ensure that your mat colour perfectly matches the items you put into the frame.

Budget Frames

If you have a limited budget then a budget frame is the best solution for your framing need. In this category, Modern Art Framing offers two types of photo frames, synthetic and timber, however you can choose different colours and styles for the frame you’d like to order.

Modern Art Framing offers a range of photo frames to meet your need and you can choose from different categories as per your need and budget. If you need help on selecting the frame read our post on Which Photo Frames to Choose