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Signature Mat

A wonderful way to capture your precious memories for special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, baby showers with the signatures of your guests.

Our signature frames are available with 4 different openings for the photos of your special moments, with different widths for the signatures of any number of guests and your choice of single/double mats, colours and frames.

Feel free to call us on 02 9659 6696 if you need help, or download the guide on the right for a step-by-step guide.
Code No: SF-2001
Description: Code No. SF-2001 Signature mat Mat size 16x20" Window size 8x10" Your choice of mat color
Code No: SF-2002
Description: Code No. SF-2002 Signature mat Mat size 16x20" Window size: 8x10" oval
Code No: SF-2003
Description: Code No. SF-2003 Signature Mat size 20x24" WIndow size 8x10"
Code No: SF-2004
Description: Code No. SF-2004 Signature mat size 20x24" WIndow size 8x10" oval
Code No: SF-2005
Description: Code No. SF2005 Signature Mat size 20x24" Window size 11x14"
Code No: SF-2006
Description: Code No. SF-2006 Signature Mat size 20x24" Window size 11x14" oval
Code No: SF-2007
Description: Code No. SF-2007 Mat size 24x32" WIndow size 11x14"
Code No: SF-2008
Description: Code No. SF-2008 Mat size 24x32" Window size 11x14" oval, single $20.00/double $40.00
Code No: SF-2009
Description: Code No. SF-2009 mat size 20x20" window size 8x8"
Code No: SF-2010
Description: Code No. SF-2010 Mat size 24x24" window size 12x12"
Code No: SF-2011
Description: Code No. SF-2011 Mat size 20x20" WIndow size 8x8" heart
Code No: SF-2012
Description: Code No. SF-2012 Mat size 24x24" Window size 12x12" Heart