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Certificate Frames & Mat

Display your degrees, merits, diplomas, awards and certificates on the wall. With years of experience and having framed thousands of certificates in the past, we provide you with different options to display and protect your valuable documents on the wall for years!

Choose the mat style and frame design you want, and you’ll be navigated to the framing page. There you can select a custom frame for your certificate. The final result will be the same as the style, you'll select below. The styles you can see below are the sample display of mat, you can apply any kind of frame to the mat you selected. You can experiment until you are satisfied with the design, using our online tool. We have the best fit for your graduation treasure, degree, convocation, birth certificate, and much more. If you’re thinking of framing other valuable items, then you can go for the shadow box frames.

No matter what your custom need we’ll assure you’re getting a high quality mat and frame for your certificates. If nothing seems matching, then simply send your custom requirement in the special instruction box, after you have navigated thoroughly. You can also find inspiration and ideas about choosing the frame for your certificate on our blog.

If you’d like to upload your certificate, and send it to us for framing, then you can approach us through our custom upload tool, with your specific requirement message.

If you're after certificate frames or mats then Modern Art Framing is the perfect place for you. We offer 100% authentic products and are a 100% Australian based company.

Feel free to call us on 02 9659 6696 if you need help, or download the guide by clicking HERE .

Code No: CF-3001
Description: code No. CF-3001 Certificate Mat size 300x390mm Window size A4
Code No: CF-3002
Description: code No. CF-3002 Certificate Mat size 530x390mm Window size 2 x A4
Code No: CF-3003
Description: Code No. CF-3003 Certificate Mat size 530x390mm Window size A4 + 8x10"
Code No: CF-3004
Description: Code No. CF-3004 certificate mat size 345x615mm WIndow size A4 + 8x10"
Code No: CF-3005
Description: Code No. CF-3005 Certificate Mat size 390x510mm Window size A3
Code No: CF-3006
Description: Code No. CF-3006 Certificate Mat size 710x510mm Window size 2 x A3
Code No: CF-3007
Description: Code No. CF-3007 Certificate Mat size 510x690mm Window size A3 + 11x14"
Code No: CF-3009
Description: Code No. CF-3009 Certificate Mat size 390x530mm Window size A4 + 8x10" oval
Code No: CF-3010
Description: Code No. CF-3010 Mat size 690x510mm Window size A3 + 11x14" Oval
Code No: CF-3011
Description: Code No. CF-3011 Certificate Mat size 750x390mm Window size A4 + 2 x 8x10" Oval
Code No: CF-3012
Description: Code No. CF-3012 Mat size 990x510mm Window size A3 + 2 x 11x14" Oval