Creating a Wonderful Wall Display

Special moments throughout our life remain with us forever. Thinking about them all over again can make you feel nostalgic and happy inside. Display these memories on a wall, so that every time you want to recall them they will be right in front of you. Collecting those snaps and featuring them on a photo frame wall collage display can renovate your interior and lift your mood.

Although there are no strict rules to follow, systematically arranging a display can enhance the looks in such a way that it can completely alter the mood of the room.

Tips For Arranging the display

  • Create a focal point of the display which can emphasise your story.
  • Use a similar frame and mat with various sizes. Black and white frames are a good combination.
  • First map out the display structure on paper, cut the pieces into different sizes, and experiment by arranging them in different ways. Never nail frames to the wall until you confirm the arrangement.

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    Below is a great display structure posted by Jenna, you can follow theirs or simply create your unique arrangement.

    wall display design idea
    large family display

    wall photo collage display
    perfect collage display

    Watch this video for some more ideas.

    How to Structure a Wall Display

    You can follow the ideas presented in the video and experiment yourself.

    Learn more in this video.

    As described in this video you can arrange the structure first on paper and experiment with them.

    You can personalise any space with a wall collage and create a home-like feel everywhere. We hope you found these ideas useful!

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