How To Order Photo Frames

Although our online framing solution is very easy to use, still we think that providing some extra instructions can help you order a perfect frame that matches your need.

How To Make Custom Frames For Your Photograph With Modern Art Framing Framing Tool

Watch this video to learn about our custom photo framing tool.

Video Transcription

You can follow easy steps to design a custom frame for your photos or artworks.

    • Measure the height and width of the pictures or prints which you want to frame.
    • We’ve 10 different frames category, you can select one which you prefer, as you can see there is an image of the frame.
    • Hovering your mouse over the “Zoom” key will display the dimension of the frame choice.
    • You need to choose a window size that best fits your artwork or image.
    • For a specific size click “Custom Size” and input height and width.
    • Alternatively you can select from different size option in the drop down menu.
    • Select one layer, then you can adjust the width of the border in the text box.
    • Experiment until you’re happy with the look. You can spend hours crafting the photo frames as per your need.
    • Select a colour for the mat board from the list of swatches below.
    • You can add a second or third layer of mat board. Remember, regardless of how many layers you add, the window size will remain the same, the size dimension of the art and frame will automatically change.
    • Experiment with colors and sizes like the first layer until you get what you want.

Now you can choose glazing and backing option.

      • Choose from clear glass conservation UV, anti- reflection and acrylic/ perspex acrylic.
      • If you’d want the artwork glued down, choose adhesive foam core otherwise go with regular foam core.

Don’t forget to review your order, then proceed to checkout. Now go to photo frames page to start experimenting with our online tool.