Ordering Mats

A mat is an integral part of framing so we have a wide range of mats to choose from. The main purpose of a mat is that it adds an extra layer and visual relief to the prints. Furthermore, it serves as a spacer between the glass and art to ensure the glass doesn’t distort or negatively affect the framed artwork or image.

Modern Art Framing offers single as well as multi window mats. However in this post we’re going to simplify the ordering process of a single window mat, by informing how to order single window mat from our frame range.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to make your selection of a window shape. This will determine what type you’re after and will allow you to proceed with the next steps of your order.

Select the window size first

Select a mat size through the drop down box as your next step. You may also choose the quantity on the left hand side before proceeding.

select the mat size

The next step would be to choose your preferred mat colour. From here you can also choose the number of mats that you would like. If you choose two then you will need to provide a colour for your bottom mat as well on the same screen.

If you require a frame, then please click on the “Frames” tab next to “Mats” and proceed with choosing a category of the frame type that you’d like and then simply make a selection for that frame. This is optional and if you would like to only order a mat then you may proceed to your order summary immediately.

proceed to checkout

Once you've gone through all the options you may scroll down to see your order summary. Please confirm that everything that you've selected is correct in these fields. Once you’re ready to order simply click on “Add to Shopping Cart” where you can proceed with checkout.

It that's easy now go to our windows mat page to make an order.