How to Order a Single Window Mat

A single window mat is one of the cheapest ways to present your photos. If you’re on a limited budget but need to protect your photograph, a single window mat is your best bet. In this post we’ll take you through the steps of ordering a single window mat from the Modern Art Framing range.

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How to Order a Signature Mat, a Step By Step Guide

Signature mats are a great way to cherish your memories. They be used for special events like weddings, family reunions, grand opening ceremonies, anniversary parties, birthday parties and many more.

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Ordering a Certificate Frame

A certificate frame is the ideal choice for displaying the certificates and awards. We all have something to showcase that can demonstrate our contributions and achievements.

Modern Art Framing provides a range of certificate frames and mats to suit your needs. Ordering a certificate frame with us is simple, however we want to provide you with in-depth instructions so that you will get perfect frames and mats from the first go. Follow the process to order a certificate frame with us.

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How to a Order Shadow Box Frame, a Step by Step Guide

A shadow box frame is the perfect choice for displaying valuable items such as medals, sculptures, plaques, 3-D objects, paper notes and other sentimental items. Follow these instructions to order a shadow box frame from our range.

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Ordering Mats

A mat is an integral part of framing so we have a wide range of mats to choose from. The main purpose of a mat is that it adds an extra layer and visual relief to the prints. Furthermore, it serves as a spacer between the glass and art to ensure the glass doesn’t distort or negatively affect the framed artwork or image.

Modern Art Framing offers single as well as multi window mats. However in this post we’re going to simplify the ordering process of a single window mat, by informing how to order single window mat from our frame range.

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