Ordering a Certificate Frame

A certificate frame is the ideal choice for displaying the certificates and awards. We all have something to showcase that can demonstrate our contributions and achievements.

Modern Art Framing provides a range of certificate frames and mats to suit your needs. Ordering a certificate frame with us is simple, however we want to provide you with in-depth instructions so that you will get perfect frames and mats from the first go. Follow the process to order a certificate frame with us.

Choose the style of mat

Select the preferred style

First of all, you need to choose a certificate mat style and you can do this by simply clicking on “Order” for the type that you want. Once you've done this, you’ll be taken to the next step of the order.

select the size

Please select a mat size from the options available in the drop down box. You can also choose your quantity on the left hand side.

Select Mat Colour

Now you can select a mat colour from the available colours on the right hand side. You can also choose to select multiple mats here, if you prefer. When you select 2 mats, you will also need to provide a colour for the bottom mat on the same section before proceeding to the next step.

select frame

If you wish to select an optional frame for your mat please click on the “Frames” tab next to “Mats”, and select a category for a frame. Once you’re ready to make a selection for a frame please press “Select” to proceed to the next step. If you wish to order the mat only, please proceed directly to your order summary, so that, you may continue with your order.

conform the order

Once you’re ready to make an order, please go through your order summary and review the options, that you've selected. Once everything is confirmed, please click on “Add to shopping cart” to place your order.

Now you can proceed to checkout. So that's it you can easily adore your certificates with our frames and mats available online.

Now go to certificate frame page to start exploring the range