Mat board uses and ideas

Mat boards are an extremely versatile paper-based material used in arts and craft that enhance framed photos and can be used for various other purposes. Generally they provide visual relief so the art or photo is not distracted by its surroundings such as the frame. At Modern Art Framing we sell a wide variety of matboard in our store in different colours and materials such as the stand paper finish and suede.

Typically mat boards are used in frames. They can give breathing space to the subject as well as brighten up, darken or simply complement it. The great thing about mat boards is how different layers can create vastly different designs and looks. You can have just one mat board, or have two or three for extra depth if using similar colours or more variety if using different colours.

A key reason for the flexibility of matboard is the ability to create custom shapes to your liking. If you’re particularly creative, you may able to create some truly stunning artworks. Many shapes can be done on our automated cutting machine but more complex works can be hand cut. These custom shapes can be layered together for added effect too.

Image credit: Matboard And More

We also give the option of suede mat boards. These are good for standard framing jobs and can add a luxurious and unique appearance to your artwork. However, they can conveniently also be used as a canvas for painting. Conte, pencil, chalk and charcoal may be utilised to write on this material and create beautiful art pieces which stand out from the crowd. The great aspect of this type of art is that the writing or drawings can easily be rubbed off and be refreshed with new drawings and writing if you feel like it.

Image credit: Wedding Bee

Mat boards don’t just have to be used for framing purposes though. They can be used to create beautiful cards for birthdays, weddings and holidays that are sure to stand out among the usual array. Furthermore, they may be used as decoration around the home such as for Christmas, or even stuck on personal belongings such as books, pencil cases, phone cases etc. as long as they are cut to size! Scrap books are also great for featuring mat board cut outs to add a 3D effect and tactile character to them.

In addition they can be moulded into 3D boxes to store any items you have such as stationary, jewellery or business cards. These boxes can be decorated with various accessories such as ribbons, buttons and even small shapes cut out of other mat boards! They are useful for children’s dioramas too and you can experiment with suede for certain purposes such as emulating grass or water.

Image credit: Logan Graphic

So as you can see mat boards have a wide range of uses making them a great value purchase. Take a look at our range online or come in store to discuss further uses. You can even collaborate with us to create a custom job using the mats for a look just for you!