6 Shadow Box Frame Ideas

At Modern Art Framing we do more than just standard framing jobs, we also do a variety of other pieces such as box and shadow box frames. These two unique framing types have an extra amount of height or distance between the glass and the base, making them ideal to show off 3 dimensional objects. Hence, there are unlimited possibilities of what you want to frame and in this blog we give you some ideas so that you can create a shadow box or box frame of your own.

The difference between a box and shadow box frame:

So far we’ve mentioned both box and shadow box frames and you’re probably wondering what the difference is, right? Well ultimately it boils down to whether you would like a matboard border pressed onto the glass of the box or not. The choice is completely up to you and is dependent on your preference and use case. While a matboard border will look pretty and classy, it does mean that the viewing area is reduced. However, a box frame will have the full width of the frame to show off your treasured items, making it ideal for someone who has many items but does not want an exceedingly large shadow box frame in order to display them all.

Ideas and Applications


If you have any awards, be it sporting, academic or for work, a shadow box frame is great for showing them off. We also offer certificate mats if you just want to frame a certificate on its own.


Memories of graduation from high school or university deserve to be preserved. With a shadow box frame you can do just that. An idea is to have your photo as the centrepiece of the shadow box and then have any ribbons or awards surrounding it.


Holiday memories are great for showing off in shadow box frames. Often you may buy a souvenir from a special place and then completely forget about it once it’s in your home. However, if you frame it in a shadow box frame, you can proudly display it within your home. We will gladly colour match the mats so that the box looks terrific.

Kids Toys

Kids toys, especially those no longer being used are perfect for shadow box frames. Cherish the memories of your child by experimenting with different arrangements of their favourite toys. The colourful nature of most kids’ toys mean that you’ll have an eye catching masterpiece that is sure to draw attention.


We also do jersey framing jobs which you learn more about in this article . You may combine the jerseys with sporting memorabilia such as balls, bats and medals too.

Vintage pieces

Instead of letting your vintage pieces collect dust out in the open, it is a good idea to preserve them in a shadow box frame. These items might be the most valuable in your collection so it's best to show them off in style!

As you can see shadow box/box frames have many use cases. They are the choice if you want to show off treasured items of any kind. Just make your choice of mat colour and style and we’ll work with you to so you have your own masterpiece.

Image credits: Pinterest