Wall Frame/Gallery Wall Ideas

Hanging up a framed photo or artwork on your wall can add a bit of character to your room and liven it up. Sometimes you may be looking for a little more impact – perhaps when there’s large blank space and a singular photo or picture can’t fill the void by itself. As with collages, gallery walls or wall frames involve combing multiple images together to create add an extra dimension to a wall. However, unlike a collage, wall frames involve physically combining already framed (and occasionally non-framed) pieces in various arrangements and styles. Here are some ideas to create one of your own.

Image from lamourcheznous

Image credit: lamourcheznous

Perfect line

This is the most simple and straight forward arrangement for a wall frame. If you’re fan of neat and organised design then this is a great look for you. All this involves is creating a rectangle that is either vertical or horizontal and filling it up with various framed images. They don’t all have to be the exact same shape or size but they should fit together as well as possible in order to complete the look.

Colour match similar pieces of art

Colour co-ordination is a crucial element of a home or room décor. For wall art that immediately grabs people’s attention, consider having all the framed pieces of art being approximately the same colour. For example, if you’re a fan of the colour red, arrange all the artworks with the dominant colour of red together. Even colours that are quite close such as yellow and orange can be used if you do not have enough red photos or art pieces.

Arrange by mat board colour

Alternatively, you could arrange the photos and art by their mat-board colour (if they have matboards). This is a good option if you don’t have many images with a similar dominant colour as it will still create a coherent and co-ordinated appearance.

Group by theme

Image credit: Pinterest

You could also group the picture frames by a similar idea or theme like the season such as Spring, an event such as a holiday or even just family photos. Although they may not stand out as much as an arrangement of colour for example, they will have more of an emotional value and meaning to you.

Group similar frames in different sizes

If your view of design is in complete polar opposite of the ideas discussed above, the perhaps a more eclectic look is right for you. This can be achieved by arranging photos and art of completely different sizes together. The variance if done tastefully can add layer of uniqueness to your wall art and will no doubt stand out.

Hang frames at different levels

In a similar fashion, you could hang frames at varying levels for a more disorganised and scattered look. The levels you hang the frames at could have a special significance too. For example, the more important images or the items you want to stand out more could be placed higher than the others.

Black and white photos

Black and white photos can have a powerful impact when placed together and also deliver a stark look if that’s what you want. Read our blogs on the The Effect of Black and White Photos and Decorating Your Interior With Black and White Photographs for more information.

Use a large item be a focal point of the gallery.

A fantastic idea for a wall frame is to create an anchor or focal point of the arrangement. In the centre of all the frames you could leave a space for an item such as a clock or maybe a mirror to reflect other artworks and images in the room. The item could be anything really and may even set a theme for your arrangement as discussed before. The purpose is to catch the eye of the viewer and break up any monotony to the arrangement.

Vinyl cuttings

You may also intersperse vinyl cuttings around the framed artworks to add to the theme you are going for. For instance you might have vinyl key words to complement holiday or family memories or maybe some drawings which contribute to a story you are trying to convey.

Line a staircase to liven up that area

Image credit: Homedit

A common area that is often left blank in a household is the wall next to the staircase. Therefore it’s a great opportunity to place a wall frame here. The method of arranging artworks on different levels works very well here and artworks may be placed progressively higher as one goes up the stairs.

All of these ideas should’ve shown you how wide-ranging and creative wall frames can be. They truly are a wonderful idea for a large blank space in your home and these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep experimenting with different arrangements, styles and photographs to discover different looks that appeal to you!