Framing Your Social Media Photos

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are now the primary way people share their favourite photos with family and friends. One large advantage of these sites is that multiple images can be easily accessed through each platform’s grid view. This means that the usually laborious task of flipping through photo after photo is all but removed. But what if you would like a similar experience with physical photo frames?

Uploading any old photo to the web to be archived can diminish the importance of the photos. If you really cherish these memories you should frame them. Having a physical collection that you can look back on adds a sense of permanence that images the web simply don’t have. If you’re worried that the images you upload from your phone are not high quality enough to be printed, you can be reassured that they will look perfectly fine in smaller forms. For instance, if they are collated in a digital collage or in a multi-window mat the photos will not be blown up and be ideally sized to hide any imperfections.

Multi-window mats replicate the ease of use that sharing photos on the web provides but in reality. The grid view-style openings mean that they look almost identical to a feed in Facebook or Instagram but with the added physical advantage. However, in social media the photos are constantly changing and you would want the frame to be updated too. A multi-window mat also allows you to switch out photos very easily and ensure new memories are shown off as soon as possible. If you do intend to switch out photos frequently, it’s wise to use a neutral colour mat to avoid any clashes in the future.

If you want to further emulate a social media profile in real life then we can even make a custom multi-window mat that looks like a Facebook timeline or another social media profile. In the case of a Facebook timeline, we will start with a large horizontal slot on top for a cover photo which can encapsulate and summarise the theme of your framed memories. A profile picture will be placed in its bottom left corner and then a waterfall of all your favourite photos can be placed below. This is a creative way to show off your photos that will surely impress onlookers.

So next time you upload those holiday photos to Facebook, ask yourself if they really mean something to you. If they do then get them printed and organised in a collage or multi-window mat and cherish them for years. Virtual photos may get a few likes in a day but a beautifully framed collection will be truly appreciated for years.