Creating a Collage: Tips and Ideas

If you have a large amount of images but don’t want to frame each one individually, it’s a good idea to combine them together into a single piece. This is called a collage and it can be created digitally through a photo editing program. There many ways to create a collage and quite a few options to play with to make yours unique. In this blog we will talk about the different aspects you can alter such as image sizing, spacing and arrangement.

For a digital collage it’s best to have a layout in mind before ordering or creating one. Sometimes not all images are of the same importance so it’s crucial to ensure that the images you want to stand out are appropriately differentiated. The most common way to do this is to enlarge them and have them act as an anchoring point of the collage. For example you could have 3 large images that are the most important to you right in the centre of the canvas and then accordingly arrange all of the other smaller images around it.

There are several ways to arrange these smaller images. The most common method is to align and size them as uniformly as possible. Some images could be landscape, some could be portrait and they could all be in different ratios. So while they won’t all be exactly the same size their top edges can be aligned together at the very least. This method can create a clean look and is a common choice among customers.

However, it is also not a bad choice to have the images all be in different sizes, depending on the situation. If the collage has the aim of being less formal, a more sporadic and varying design that different sized images can provide will look great. The images can also be arranged according to their theme. For instance if the collage is about a family, the images of each family member can be placed in different sections anchored around the main images. If you’re feeling extra audacious you can even arrange the images by colour and have each quadrant or section represent a different shade. That way when you step back you’ll still be a left with an interesting piece of art and then when you look closer you’ll see be able to observe the detail that went into it.

The spacing of the images is also another aspect which can be played with. The standard is to have them arranged side by side without any spaces. However, a popular option is to leave the same amount of white space between the images. The distance chosen is based on your personal preference but usually a thin gap of 2-3 pixels will do. You can also go completely the other way and overlap the images in all directions, although this will of course mean that less space is used. So only use this approach if you are certain that you have more than enough images to fill your canvas.

These are the main ways you can create a collage digitally. However, if you would like a custom arrangement perhaps in different shapes or have very specific requirements then we can do that too. Just come in store or ring us with your ideas and we will work with you to create an ideal collage.