Framing Tips and Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is a wonderful period of the year to spend time with family and friends to enjoy the festive season. You might have guests over for dinner or lunch and will want to decorate your home to impress everyone. Well, what better way than to hang up some nifty Christmas decorations? Perhaps you want to frame some photos and would like to decorate them in a way that complements the Christmas feel of your home. In this blog you’ll find some tips and ideas for framing photos, artwork and items during Christmas.

The three main frame colours to focus on are red, white and green. When used in combination these colours look magnificent and really help celebrate the season. As a white frame is the most neutral coloured frame out of the three, it will go well with most subject matter. If you have some themed-text that you want to frame, this is a good choice as the focus will be drawn to the text and the frame will fade into the background. Green frames go well with content that is nature themed such as that of a Christmas tree. They can even be physically covered with greenery such as a Christmas wreath for added effect. Red is probably the dominant colour of Christmas representing all things from Santa to presents to Rudolph’s red nose. To really create a Christmas atmosphere it is suggestable to use many red frames – assuming it goes well with the subject matter of course.


Frames can also be complemented with various decorations and ornaments to complete the Christmas look. Bells, ribbons, stockings and other items may be hung in conjunction with or on top of frames to create a unique and stunning look. Decorations themselves can also be used as the main focus and framed in a shadow box frame. Imagine having a nice stocking, Christmas card or a couple of baubels beautifully framed and hung or displayed in your home. They bring a special Christmas look and feel to your home that everyone will undoubtedly appreciate. A nice, wooden shadow box frame can be chosen for a more traditional feel that would be well suited to be hung up near a fireplace or on a brick background.


Add even more colour to your Christmas-themed frames, by choosing a mat-board. There are many colours to choose from and you can even choose the suede material for some texture and luxury. Mix and match colours for a look that’s right for you. Some great Christmas colour combinations include a red frame and green mat (or vice versa) and a white frame with a gold mat. If you want a shadow box frame, the colour of the background mat is extremely crucial to how much the item framed stands out. Another choice is the number of mats you choose for your frame. If you select only a background mat, you’ll have the full the glass display available to show off your special Christmas items. However, if you choose a double or triple mat look, you’ll have a nice decorated window to look into. Both styles are terrific but choose only a background mat for simplicity and choose a double/triple mat for a bit more flair.


You may even consider canvas wraps for a borderless look or acrylic mounts to add a modern 3D style to your photos. If you choose canvas wrapping, the borderless aspect allows you to place multiple artworks together seamlessly. So say you have multiple Christmas artworks, you can place them side by side by canvas wrapping them to create a massive and stand out display in your home. Acrylic mounts can add a different dimension to your photos due to its unique light reflecting properties. The transparent display means artworks and photos will look like they’re floating at times, creating a magical décor which is especially fitting for Christmas!

These were just a few tips and tricks for framing photos and artwork during Christmas. It’s just the tip of the iceberg however and there many more ways to share the Christmas spirit in your home. Just remember to have fun decorating and you’ll be able to get the best out of your home this festive season.