5 Photo Framing and Art Ideas for Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s nature’s time to shine. Take a walk outside and you’ll see flowers in full bloom, trees with plenty of foliage, birds and animals around and (mostly) perfect weather. The stage is set for great photographs to be taken or artworks to be created and you should make the most of it. In this blog we’ll talk about the best frames and colour combinations for Spring and show off some of the brilliant Spring-themed artwork in Modern Art Framing’s range.


White Wash Frames

A white wash frame strikes the perfect balance of standing out from the mundane monotony of the usual picture frames and being restrained enough to let the artwork/photo shine through. The contrast white colour of the frame perfectly complements photos of nature and especially vibrant artworks of flowers where the spectacular colours are the focus. The natural wood finish of the frames complement the subject beautifully so this is an ideal choice for an ‘au naturale’ look.

Oak Colour Frames

If you want to take the natural look and feel to the next level then take a gander at an oak frame. These suit both modern and classic pieces and will effortlessly fit into any home décor. With the finest quality timber this frame will show off your Spring Photos and Artworks, transforming your room.


Colour Frames

If you’re the type of person who is enamoured with the spectrum of colours Spring has to offer, then you should seriously look into a coloured frame. Modern Art Framing has wide variety of colours available to go with any subject matter, take a look at our range . Both vibrant and dull types are available so you have a choice of making both your frame and picture stand out or just let the subject do all the talking.


Mat Board Colours

An alternative to colour frames or perhaps even an addition is to use a coloured mat board which sits around your Spring photo or artwork. Like coloured frames we have many mat board colours available. A good way to pick a colour for a mat board is to look at the dominant colour in your artwork and match accordingly. A double mat board may also be used if you’d like to use a second colour to complement the first. Perhaps your artwork/photo has two dominant colours too, so you could have the two mat boards reflect that.


Oil Paintings and Art Print on Demand

So you now have some tips to frame and decorate your Spring art and photos but what if you don’t have any art or photos in the first place? Well that’s not a problem as our Oil Paintings section and sister website, Art Print on Demand have a myriad of options available.

Oil Paintings

There are more than 16 pages of beautiful floral Oil Paintings in the aforementioned section. You’ll have no trouble finding something you’ll love, the only issue is deciding between them all! Oil Paintings can be simply Canvas Stretched but a Gallery Frame option is available too.


Art Print on Demand

For an even more unbelievable range of Spring art and photos check out Art Print on Demand. Here you will find extensive Spring art prints in Floral, Landscape and Nature Categories. You can choose your custom size and use any of the framing options suggested above to finish it off. These are only the highest quality prints and you’ll be astounded at the vibrancy and clarity of the images as they are Gilcee printed on the best paper.


With all of these great options you can now go out there and decorate you room to match the Spring season. Whatever you choose will surely look fantastic, as long as you take your time and are certain of your choice. Most importantly have fun decorating!