Mat board uses and ideas

Mat boards are an extremely versatile paper-based material used in arts and craft that enhance framed photos and can be used for various other purposes. Generally they provide visual relief so the art or photo is not distracted by its surroundings such as the frame. At Modern Art Framing we sell a wide variety of matboard in our store in different colours and materials such as the stand paper finish and suede.

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6 Shadow Box Frame Ideas

At Modern Art Framing we do more than just standard framing jobs, we also do a variety of other pieces such as box and shadow box frames. These two unique framing types have an extra amount of height or distance between the glass and the base, making them ideal to show off 3 dimensional objects. Hence, there are unlimited possibilities of what you want to frame and in this blog we give you some ideas so that you can create a shadow box or box frame of your own.

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Wall Frame/Gallery Wall Ideas

Hanging up a framed photo or artwork on your wall can add a bit of character to your room and liven it up. Sometimes you may be looking for a little more impact – perhaps when there’s large blank space and a singular photo or picture can’t fill the void by itself. As with collages, gallery walls or wall frames involve combing multiple images together to create add an extra dimension to a wall. However, unlike a collage, wall frames involve physically combining already framed (and occasionally non-framed) pieces in various arrangements and styles. Here are some ideas to create one of your own.

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Framing Your Social Media Photos

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are now the primary way people share their favourite photos with family and friends. One large advantage of these sites is that multiple images can be easily accessed through each platform’s grid view. This means that the usually laborious task of flipping through photo after photo is all but removed. But what if you would like a similar experience with physical photo frames?

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Creating a Collage: Tips and Ideas

If you have a large amount of images but don’t want to frame each one individually, it’s a good idea to combine them together into a single piece. This is called a collage and it can be created digitally through a photo editing program. There many ways to create a collage and quite a few options to play with to make yours unique. In this blog we will talk about the different aspects you can alter such as image sizing, spacing and arrangement.

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Framing Tips and Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is a wonderful period of the year to spend time with family and friends to enjoy the festive season. You might have guests over for dinner or lunch and will want to decorate your home to impress everyone. Well, what better way than to hang up some nifty Christmas decorations? Perhaps you want to frame some photos and would like to decorate them in a way that complements the Christmas feel of your home. In this blog you’ll find some tips and ideas for framing photos, artwork and items during Christmas.

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Two Reasons Why Childhood Photographs Are Important

Everyone cherishes the positive memories from their childhood and they usually bring us joy and happiness when we reminisce about them. Photographs help us rekindle these memories and so are crucial to our lives. Although we capture many photographs in our lives, childhood photographs are usually the most powerful and important. Here are some reasons why we should not forget to showcase them.

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Explore our vast range of art prints and posters

Our new range of Art Prints and Posters is finally here! Everything has been completely revamped and updated so you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love.

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The Effect of Black and White Photos

The world is full of colour, so why do we still love to see Black and White (B&W)? There are a few reasons why these two tones can have a significant impact in art and photography. We’ll discuss a few of them here.

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5 Photo Framing and Art Ideas for Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s nature’s time to shine. Take a walk outside and you’ll see flowers in full bloom, trees with plenty of foliage, birds and animals around and (mostly) perfect weather. The stage is set for great photographs to be taken or artworks to be created and you should make the most of it. In this blog we’ll talk about the best frames and colour combinations for Spring and show off some of the brilliant Spring-themed artwork in Modern Art Framing’s range.

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