Acrylic Sandwich Mount

Your image will be printed on a high gloss photo paper then sandwiched between 2 acrylic sheets: 6mm clear top of your choice and 4.5mm to 3mm colored backing. The photo stays flat in the center to create a no border, 50mm or 70mm border of the backing color. Four stand-offs in stainless steel or anodized matted silver can be attached to each of the corners.

ALL PRICES INCLUDE PHOTO PRINTING. Prices include photo printing, minor editing, cropping and photo fitting onto the acrylic sheets using spray adhesive, ready to hang.

If the selected order size is different from the uploaded image size, we will crop the image to suit the ordered size and send your edited image for the final approval before printing.

No Border
50mm Border
70mm Border
test size
Backing Color
Hanging System

We do custom sizes,please email us your images,sizes and requirements for price.

Photo into art - we can customise the size of your artwork. Please email us your images, sizes and requirement for price.


Note: If you don't have the digital image to upload for transforming your photo into art, you can mail your photo to us or send by post. We will scan the photo and then return the photo with the order to you via post. Scanning fee is $5.00 per photo.

Remarks: We will email the enhanced/cropped image for your approval before printing. Our service will help you to renovate your photo, you can choose any art effect and give a cartoon, sketch, drawing or painting effect to your images.

Postal Address: Modern Art Framing Pty Ltd
Unit 7, Victoria Industrial Park
8 Victoria Ave
Castle Hill
NSW 2154

Remarks: We will email the enhanced/cropped image for your approval before printing.

For image file size over 3mb, slow multi image uploads, or your images fail to upload, you can mail your photo to us( or by post

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