7 Oil Painting Decor Ideas

Your interior could always use some spicing up. This could mean adding some of your best memories in the form of framed photographs art to your rooms. When on the topic of home decor, we can’t overlook oil paintings as they been the most popular form of decoration since the beginning. When we admire oil paintings on the wall, we’re often drawn to splash of colours they add and the increased vibrancy that is brought to the room. The classy look oil paintings provide can transform any wall.

Top 7 Oil Painting Inspirations

Indian horse oil painting: This oil painting features an American Indian war horse, tribal symbols have been painted on the animal’s body. The circles around the horse’s eye and nostrils depict alertness and a keen sense of target or goal.
The garden oil painting: This painting features a blooming garden; the colour palette in this painting can add spark to any wall. It has a combination of red (for confidence), green (for peace and inner strength), blue (for depth), yellow (for excitement) and white (for silence).
The Autumn Eve: This painting depicts a peaceful forest with countless possibilities. The white colours in this painting a sense of depth and destination while the yellow is used display warmth. The other multitude of colours such as greens and blues are inviting and give painting life.
Sunset oil painting
painting of tree
the sea and town

These are just a few great paintings among the many magnificent artworks the exist in the world. Each its own uniqueness and authenticity and can provide a different feel to your room. Choose the paintings that speak to you the most and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. You can browse more oil painting on Modern Art Framing’s website.